POB Dash is the world’s most advanced, meticulous and comprehensive taxi management and taxi dispatch system. Taking taxi booking to a completely out worldly tangent, our taxi management software and the people who we so proudly call our hardworking and proficient team have seen the ins and outs of the taxi industry and after thorough perusal made their way to the technology and automation space. This transfiguration has immensely helped us in visualizing your business from the operational perspective. Putting under the umbrella the need gap of businesses, customers and drivers our taxi management system fulfils the varied requirements and offers cutting-edge functions to the three distinct yet interconnected areas.



User Friendly UI

Robust and user-friendly web taxi booking process for customers and booking schedule tracking for drivers.

Travel History

Easy to access detailed booking history for both drivers and customers for complete transparency and accuracy.

Real Time Update

Syncing and tracking of real-time data of the booking schedules for the drivers from the admin dash to driver login dash on driver’s own device.

Handy Service Facility

Now process bookings on the go for small companies that need flexibility.

Secure Payment Facility

Built in payment processor so companies can just add authentication and account details.

Flexible Customer Pricing

Custom pricing as distance and type of journey matter, just format fares for regular journeys or customise the fare on fly.  

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POB Dash Taxi Management is a technologically advanced, fully integrated taxi booking and dispatch software for taxi/ cab companies, customers and drivers in London and Liverpool. Delivering the taxi booking management services to three different key areas via social-media notifications- businesses, drivers and customers can optimally sync, track and monitor real-time data to gauge the progress of the bookings on a live basis, to keep a solid check on the booking schedule and examine the booking pricing and confirmation. POB Dash makes way for time-saving, prompt and effective fleet management, taxi dispatching, booking organizing, scheduling, driver management, daily driver job performance review, account maintenance, booking confirmation and fair and accurate customer pricing with just a press of a few powerful time-saving clicks.