About Pob


POB Dash has engineered all-in-one online taxi booking software to work on any platform and browser, mobile or pc. The software caters to the wide range of vehicle management companies, customers and drivers. This desktop and mobile-based web application incorporat’s an array of functions to fulfil the varied needs of the three parts of the business. Each part of the business will have their respective login credentials and dashboard to control and monitor their respective areas of interest. For companies, the new taxi management software allows for instant syncing of the real-time data with the POB dashboard to review booking progress, vehicle dispatch, vehicle registration, driver performance and commission/ payment management. Similarly, drivers can sync and monitor booking schedules from the admin log-in dashboard to the driver log-in dashboard and travel fare/commission. Likewise, customers from booking a taxi via a website, driver allocation from the admin dashboard and syncing with the driver log-in dash, to the customers accessing the paid invoice/receipt for a proof of the expenses being paid from the customer login dashboard, POB dash is an integrative, multi-faceted system that fulfils the business needs for all with just the flick of a wrist.


Giving ultimate control to the business owners with just a few powerful clicks with an all-in-one, organized and easy to use taxi management system. Get instant notification on the POB dashboard when a customer makes a booking and pays via the website. Look for driver availability, allocate drivers and view drivers’commission/payments with just a click.


Runs on any mobile device and internet browser with a smooth and easy to operate user-interface. Extends drivers the most streamlined experience. Fully-integrated to let drivers keep track of the booking schedule, new bookings, weekly progress reports, waiting-time calculation and fares from the driver friendly log-in web app.


Robust and user –friendly web and mobile web booking process. Now take care of all your taxi booking related shenanigans with a working browser connection to the internet. Now wherever you are in the world, POB dashboard will bring everything taxi booking related under one roof, from booking a ride, driver information, e-invoice, pickup location to a secure payment completion via trusted payment portals.

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  1. Connect with customers & drivers with web based software
  2. Enabling an efficient and timely despatch to your customers
  3. Check live bookings based on your driver locations
  4. Customers can book within app
  5. Schedule advance bookings with notifications
  6. Customers can view, edit & duplicate bookings within the app
  7. Customers can view invoices & download within app
  8. Secure payment processors to add registration
  9. Expedite services with real-time updates
  10. Instantly available taxi online app for controller, driver and customers after registration with no upfront payment



POB Dash is the hard work combined with the taxi trade experienced team for whom technology  and quality is essential at a price affordable without removing the performance and user friendly access.


Our team works on the ethos of professionalism, creativity, quality and the need to deliver resources to assist in making the trade efficient with technology


A meticulous workforce that always reaches out to new technologies and skills enhancement programs to deliver improvements continuously where needed most.